The Official Rules


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The Story

The object of the game is to come up with the longest
and most difficult words beginning with the letter on the
spaces you land on. The longer the words, the more
points you score. First person to achieve the set amount
of points (decided before the game starts) is the winner.

The Market

Syl-la-bles is a game for all ages, as the difficulty of the
words is up to each individual playing the game. Kids can
choose words, like “cat” or “catch”, while an adult landing on
the same square may choose something like “corporation”.
Syl-la-bles encourages players to be creative and think big!

The Game

Each player will roll a die. The player with the highest roll
goes first. From there the turns go clockwise. Player 1 rolls
the dice and moves the amount of spaces equal to the sum
of the dice. The player will most likely land on a letter square
and will choose a word that begins with that letter and then
spell it correctly on a piece of paper. The words cannot be
proper names, or places.

For example, if a player rolls the dice and lands on the letter
W, the player may choose a word such as “wonderful”.
Every letter has a point value, so the word “wonderful” would
score the player 40 points for the letters W, and F, 30 points
for D, 20 points for the letter N, U, and L, and 10 points for
the letters O,E, and R. The player also scores 50 points for
every syllable the word has in it. Therefore, the word
“wonderful” scores 350 points.

If the opponents agree on the spelling, the player gets the
points for the word. If the opponents disagree on the
spelling of the word, they can challenge the word by
checking the dictionary. If it is spelled incorrectly then no
points are given. Correct words can only be used once per
game. An optional 60-second timer is included for those
players who wish to challenge themselves and limit the time
players have to create their words. If the players are up for
a real challenge, they may want to make mis-spelled words
score negative the amount it would have totaled if spelled
properly. This will bring an entire new level of strategy into
the game.


When a player lands on the thesaurus square, the player
must give another word with the same meaning
(synonym) for the word on the card. The answers are on
the back (only one guess is allowed). If a player matches
a word with one of the answers on the back, the player is
awarded 500 points. There are 2 words on each card, one
green and one black. Black is advanced and green is
beginner. Before the game begins, each player can
decide which colour they want to play with.

Spelling Bee:
When a player lands on the spelling bee square, the
opponent will pick up the card and ask the player to spell
the word on the card correctly. Correct answers receive
500 points (only one guess is allowed). There are 2
words on each card, one green and one black. Black is
advanced and green is beginner.

Duration of game: 
Players can agree on any amount of points they like for
the winning score. Players may wish to establish
different winning point totals, based on their skill level.
For example, if a child is playing with an adult, the child
may only need 5,000 points for a win, and the adult
10,000. This allows for different skill levels to play at the
same time, as each player will have different scores to
achieve for the win. Players may also choose to set a
time limit for the game. The player with the most points
at the end of the set time is the winner.

The Winner:
The player that reaches the agreed upon points first is the winner. 

· 1 game board
· 8 playing pieces 
· A pair of dice
· 1 60-second timer
· 100 thesaurus cards 
· 100 spelling bee cards
Paper and pens are required, and a dictionary is recommended. 


A - 10    B - 40    C - 20    D - 30    E - 10    F - 40    G - 30    H - 30    I - 10    J - 50    K - 40    L - 20    M - 30    N - 20    O - 10    P - 30    Q - 50    R - 10    S - 20    T - 10    U - 20    V - 50    W - 40    X - 50    Y - 40    Z - 50